Music licensing course - THE ART OF THE SONG PITCH

Registration for our online music licensing course, THE ART OF THE SONG PITCH, has begun! We want to teach you everything you'll need to succeed in this new music business and we're bringing in 20 licensing experts to help us do it!

Imagine being able to make a full-time living doing what you feel you were meant to do. You could quit your day job like I did, and work when and from where you wanted. You would also build your reputation as a talented songwriter with your peers, fans, and the industry.

Finally, you wouldn't only get the sync fees upfront from hundreds to many thousands of dollars, you would also get a steady stream of royalties coming in.

Now is your time to do something different from what you've been doing before...

The steps I will show you in detail in my music licensing course The Art Of The Song Pitch are proven. Once you learn how all the moving parts really go together, you can use them immediately. They've worked for me and songwriters I've coached who get their music into TV & film over and over again. All you have to do is follow them.

**NB. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if for any reason you don't find our course is right for you, just let us know in the first 30 days and we'll refund your money in full, no questions asked. 



How long does The Art Of The Song Pitch last?

It is a yearlong music licensing course. 

What will I get to do in the course?

  1. Learn how to target your music to the right opportunities

  2. The best way to write and produce your music like the pros for TV & film

  3. How to vet your songs so you create the ultimate song pitch to music supervisors

  4. All about deal points so you understand what is a good deal and a bad one

  5. You get to pitch your music live online to our panel of music supervisors

  6. We send you actual licensing opportunities throughout the course to pitch to

  7. Coaching calls with me throughout the modules to make sure you are on track

How does it work?

There are 7 modules in the course. You can see the course outline below. Every two weeks I release another module and we work through them as a team. I cover each one in a coaching call within our private course group. I stay online until the last question is answered. Your successes are my successes.

Each module has a number of licensing expert bonus videos you can watch to really understand how licensing really works in their world. You will hear from music supervisors, licensing agents, online licensing websites, entertainment lawyers, a film studio head, and some musicians and composers who have been hugely successful getting their music placed. You get to find out exactly how they did it!

At the end of the modules you will be a licensing pro. Then you get to pitch your music to our panel of music supervisors live online. This gets your foot in the door and lets you leverage those new relationships to form other ones. Not to mention have an “in” at the top of the industry that so many other songwriters can only dream of.

Lastly, I send you actual sync opportunities from a network of music supervisors. You get to pitch to every one of them once you've completed the 7 modules. As one of my students said, in The Art Of The Song Pitch I give you the pick and shovel and I show you where the gold is - all you have to do is start digging.

You mentioned you have licensing experts in the course?

Yes, I have interviewed 20 top licensing experts who work in the industry every day. There is nothing like learning from the actual people who sync music. You get a sneak peek behind the scenes at how things really work. I also have surprise live guests who you can ask your questions to.

Your course seems kind of expensive

It is actually cheaper than many similar music licensing courses online with in-depth training and personal coaching. On top of that, we introduce you to the industry people who can actually make it happen for you. If you get just one average sync placement this year with my proven steps, it will more than pay for the course. Our students who have taken other courses in music licensing repeatedly tell us that ours is the best for learning the ins & outs of licensing and getting actual results.  

Will I get at least one sync placement if I join The Art Of The Song Pitch?

If you are talented and follow each step of the program right, getting a sync placement is almost inevitable. 

How much money will I make?

Sync placements vary anywhere from free to hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. You can easily make $10,000 from a network TV show, $25,000 from an ad. For example, we recently helped an indie artist get $30,000 for being in the season finale of a show.

How do I know this is going to work for me?

Just have a look at some of the results from our class last year. You can watch a few of our case study videos here. Everything from scoring movies, to TV placements, to scoring publishing deals.

I haven’t heard of you before

My previous life till recently was as an award-winning music producer who helped artists I worked with get into TV & film. Last year with encouragement from some music supervisors I know, I decided to release The Art Of The Song Pitch. I may be new to you, but I think my track record and students’ results speak for themselves.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes. We will happily refund all of your money within 30 days if you feel it just isn’t a good fit for you. No hassles and no hard feelings.



what's in our 12 month music licensing course....

  • access to a private Facebook group

  • coaching calls every other week with Chris

  • sync opportunity briefs after all 7 modules have been completed

  • a total of 12 months of amazing training & tools to help you be AWESOMELY successful at licensing!!


  • The Secret to Success

  • Writing For Licensing vs Being An Artist

  • The Ultimate Song Pitch

  • Research

  • Targeting

  • Advertisements


  • Themes That Win

  • Familiar With A Twist

  • Lyrical Smarts

  • Music Matters

  • Ads Are Different

  • Co-writing

  • INTERVIEWS: 3 x one hour interviews with 3 singer/songwriters who've been highly successful with licensing their music

Sarah Sharp is a successful singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. She has had her music placed with Chanel, Macy’s, KIA, Dell Computers, Criminal Minds, Revenge, among others.

Lindsay Tomasic photo-filtered.jpg

Lindsay Tomasic is one of THE most successful writers in music licensing. You probably haven’t heard of her, but you almost certainly have heard her music on your favorite TV shows, movies, and ads.

Abby Posner is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who regularly licenses her music. Some of her credits include the TV show, The Fosters, the feature length documentary, Through Their Eyes, and commercials for Soulful Essence and Krug Kreperie.


  • How To Find A Producer

  • Producing Yourself

  • Gear

  • Recording Technique

  • Instrumentation

  • Mix & Mastering

  • INTERVIEW: a one hour interview with a music producer who is successfully licensing his music

  • BONUS: More about recording video with Chris (includes Home Recording Formula guide)


  • What Is Vetting?

  • The Curse Of Knowledge

  • Where To Get Your Group and How To Keep Them Interested

  • Ask The Right Questions

Module 5:  THE PITCH

  • Prepping Your Music

  • Your Pitch

  • Following Up

  • Eye On The Ball

  • INTERVIEW: a one hour interview with music supervisor, Amanda Krieg Thomas

  • INTERVIEW: a one hour interview with Jason Markey, head of music at STX Entertainment Film Studios

  • INTERVIEW: a one hour interview with Roy Elkins from Broadjam (licensing website)

  • BONUS: interview with a movie director

  • BONUS: interview with a top music licensing agent


Amanda Krieg Thomas is a music supervisor for Neophonic Music & Media. She has synced music for The Americans, American Horror Story, The People vs OJ Simpson, Scream Queens, and many more.


Jason Markey is the head of music of STX Entertainment which is a subsidiary of Universal Films. They have released movies such as Bad Moms, Edge Of Seventeen, The Circle, and the sci-fi blockbuster, Valerian.

Roy Elkins is the founder of Broadjam, one of the most popular music licensing websites.


BONUS: Michael Maxxis is an up-and-coming film director who has a unique take on film and music because he started out shooting music videos. You will have an opportunity to pitch your music to Michael for his upcoming films.


BONUS: Our expert licensing agent has placed music in Deadpool, Rush Hour, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Chicago Med, NBC Sportsdesk, Mercedes, Wendy’s, and thousands of others.

Module 6:  DEAL POINTS

  • Deal Points

  • Micro-Licensing

  • Lining Things Up

  • Who Should I Sign With?

  • Strategies

  • INTERVIEW: a one hour interview with an entertainment lawyer

  • INTERVIEW: a one hour interview with a PRO (performance rights organization) representative


  • Writing music for TV & film is very different for composers. The approach to getting gigs, deal points, and growing your reputation is not the same as it is for songwriters. We cover all of these differences in this mini-module.

  • BONUS: two interviews with successful composers

  • BONUS: interview with a top film & TV agent


  • Micro licenses refer to “smaller” licenses for personal projects, indie films, and smaller companies, and we cover the basics between traditional and micro licenses in this mini module.

  • BONUS: interview with the head music supervisor at Rumblefish


  • Relationships That Matter

  • More Syncs

  • Building Your Reputation

  • Lifestyle


You'll get a chance to research, target, pitch, and get feedback on your songs with three top music supervisors just like these ones who have been or will be a part of the music licensing course. This is where you start building those valuable relationships with music supervisors....


Top TV music executive from Sony Entertainment Television. Programming includes game shows, daytime series, talk shows and reality series, animation, comedies, dramas, mini-series and movies for television.


Gary Calamar from GO Music is a music supervisor whose television credits include True Blood, Dexter, House, Six Feet Under, The Man In The High Castle, and many more.


Daryl Berg from Sound Canyon has spent years working in publishing, music supervision, head of music, and licensing for companies including NBC, Fox, Fuel TV, Bravo, Yahoo, EMI Music, and many major cable networks.


Dondrea Erauw from Instinct Entertainment is a music supervisor whose credits include Ten Days In The Valley, Degrassi: Next Class, Beauty and the Beast, Sea Change, Private Eyes, and many more

Liz Lawson.jpeg

Liz Lawson from Vinyl Rules Music Supervision is a music supervisor whose credits include Black Ink Crew, Get A Job, Hot Summer Nights, Party Boat, The Archer, and many more.


Valerie Biggin from The Song Rep is a music supervisor whose credits include Take Two, Chesapeake Shores, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, My Little Pony: The Movie, The Kennedys: Decline and Fall, and countless TV movies for the Hallmark Channel.

Chris M 3.jpg

Chris Mollere from Fusion Music Supervision is a music supervisor whose credits include Get Out, The Oath, Kin, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Scream: The TV Series, The Originals, Famous In Love, and many more. 

Adele ho.jpg

Adele Ho from Supergroup Sonic Branding Co. is a music supervisor whose credits include Boo! A Madea Halloween (1 & 2), Honey: Rise Up and Dance, Acrimony, Armed, and many more.

Justin Kamps.jpeg

Justin Kamps from top music supervision company, Chop Shop, is a music supervisor whose credits include Z: The Beginning of Everything, Lucifer, Insatiable, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, and many more.


You will have a whole year of access to all of the course material so you’ll be able to go back over it at your leisure. You’ll find that the ability to review the material as often as you like and watch all the licensing expert interviews at your own convenience is priceless.

Remember, these are the people who license music for the top shows, movies, and ads everyday! You get a rare look behind the scenes of the industry and discover how songs are selected.

When you come out of the music licensing course, you’ll be a pro at The Art Of The Song Pitch and will be able to confidently repeat this process over and over again. You’ll be able to immediately start targeting more licensing opportunities knowing that you’re an expert with all the steps that worked for other successful songwriters over and over again.

IMPORTANT - And critically, you’ll have relationships with our music supervisors because we actually introduce you to them in the course. You can just reference your relationship with them when reaching out to new music supervisors in the industry. Success attracts more success!

Lastly, you will be getting actual licensing opportunity briefs for movies, shows, and ads throughout the last half of the course. Not only do I teach you how to pitch to opportunities, I also give them to you to capitalize on right in the program.

I can't wait to see you there. I will be guiding you step-by-step through the program including coaching calls. When you meet and pitch to our panel of top music supervisors, you have stellar sounding songs and the ultimate song pitch.

So what are you waiting for! Sign up today for The Art Of The Song Pitch and start making money from your music!


A little PRAISE about our music licensing COURSE 



“As a songwriter and musician looking to have my music licensed for film and television, getting it into the right hands has always been a challenge. So when the opportunity to join the "The Art of the Song Pitch" webinar came along, I went for it. The amount of information I gathered over the six day course was immense, and the chance to interact with some of the industries' elite was truly inspiring. Putting it all to work,  I've already scored my second feature film called Professor Mack, a state tourism ad, and have several new projects on the horizon! Navigating the industry will always be a huge challenge, but I sincerely feel that by using this incredible opportunity, it has put me way ahead of the curve. THANK YOU Chris and everyone involved for the motivation and confidence to succeed, I'm making it happen!!!” 



“I'm always looking for ways to improve and grow. Licensing was definitely something I wanted to dive into, so the course provided me with a great foundation. Having real life music supervisors and industry pros was invaluable. Two of my tracks were just placed in an Italian feature comedy film Made In China Napoletano and the Netflix original show, Wet Hot American Summer!!"  **UPDATE: Megan recently had her music placed in Dancing With The Stars and The F Word With Gordon Ramsey, as well as in the theatrical trailers for the movies Annihilation (with Natalie Portman) and Eloise (with Eliza Dushku).

Logan A.

Logan A.

"Chris and Danielle have put together the most sincere, genuine, and nitty gritty course that I can imagine exists in the music world. There is no fluff – no false promises; they supply us with the most valuable knowledge, and at a wonderful pace that we can all handle. Without this course, I'd still be like that high school sophomore who thinks my band is about to make it. I'd still be at step “zero” in the music licensing world."



“I found the licensing webinars very helpful.  Actually, that's an understatement.  Before the webinars I only knew that music licensing existed but not the details. The interviews were very insightful. I learned how music pluggers and music supervisors operate in this field. The Art Of The Song Pitch gave me valuable behind the scenes knowledge.  It is, without question, an advantage knowing how to do research, properly submit my music, and knowing how the people I will be submitting to think. More trial, less error."



“Chris understands what the amateur to semi pro songwriter needs to focus on. While it all starts with a great song there is another mystery that Chris solves. Do you want to HOPE to sell your song?  Why not get educated and have a strategy. He supports you from song demo to placement strategies.”



“Chris' webinar series on music licensing gave me more than I expected from it, because of two things; the unique details that have allowed me to target everything more effectively, and to the right people; as well as a candid look behind the minds of the decision-makers on the other end of the music licensing business. Learning what and how they think as well as the specifics they look for in music as well as communication, was especially eye-opening. Thanks so much for this enlightening series.”