The Most Common Trait of Sync Success

There is one thing that all musicians who are successful in music licensing have in common. There are some obvious ones like being a good songwriter and producing music that sounds as good as everything else getting into TV & film. But what is it that allows them to get sync after sync compared to a one-off or none at all.

There is one single trait that they all have that impacts almost all of us in some way every day…

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Inside Scoop From Another Music Supervisor

Here is another inside scoop straight from the top.

There is a lot of stuff online talking about how to get your music into TV & film. I'd rather get my advice from the people who actually do it or have had proven success doing it.

Music supervisor, Valerie Biggin, appeared on a recent song pitch for our class in our course "The Art Of The Song Pitch". 

The cool thing about our song pitches is our students actually get to meet the supervisors LIVE online.

Doing this instantly kickstarts those first few critical relationships at the top of the licensing industry. It makes the inaccessible gatekeepers suddenly ACCESSIBLE.

I thought I would share a short clip of this interview with you right here. It will help you keep moving in the right direction to start syncing your songs.

AMAZING advice from a top music supervisor

We had top music supervisor, Chris Mollere, on one of our live song pitch sessions last week. In our online course, The Art of the Song Pitch, our students get to pitch their songs to a panel of top music supervisors and Chris was one of our guests.

He has worked on a ton of TV shows and indie movies, such as Get Out, Kin, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, Famous In Love, and so many more.

He not only gave everyone his direct email address to our course members during the pitch, but offered some incredible advice for songwriters in the interview portion.

We wanted to give you some great insights by sharing a short clip of that interview here.

How To License Your Music To YouTube

Have you ever heard of micro-licensing? This is the newest way to get your music out there fast and get paid for it. I managed to land William Nix who is the senior music supervisor over at Rumblefish for an exclusive interview. The complete interview is for our members of The Art Of The Song Pitch, but I wanted to share a part of it with the community to show you how easy it is to get in on the action in micro-licensing.

Want Better Mixes? Try These 5 Steps

**UPDATE: The live webinar is over but the replay is available online until Sunday August 19th. Click here for access to the replay and hit the "save my seat" button.

Do you feel like your mixes don’t seem to compare to what you hear on the radio or in TV & film no matter what you do?

Do you want your songs to have that major label radio-ready sound?

Well you'll want to check this out!

You've heard me talk A LOT about how important your song production is in the licensing world. You've also heard it from the music supervisors I've interviewed.

Well I've decided to walk the talk...

My friend Bobby Owsinski has mixed projects for hundreds of artists (he recently mixed a #2 Billboard album and a #5 on the iTunes rock charts) and now he’s agreed to share some of his top 5 mixing tips with you to help you take your mixes to the next level. 

Bobby and I are going to do a free online Music Mixing Tips Clinic webinar on Wednesday August 15th at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific.

You're going to learn 5 easy steps to get your recordings sounding like you hear in movies, network TV shows, and ads.  

Register For This Exclusive FREE Webinar

Learn some of the basic tricks that hit mixers know that will help take your mixes to the next level, such as:

* The secret to punchy sounding drums

* How to get vocals to cut right through the mix

* How to make even the most mundane track sound interesting

* The secret to effects that fit perfectly in the mix every time

* How to make your mixes LOUD

Click To Save Your Seat

Also, we’ll be handing out a free ebook to anyone who attends.

We'll see you there!


P.S. Bobby and I will be available to answer any questions that you might have in the Q&A session at the end of the webinar. And if you can't make the live webinar, you can still register for access to the video replay.



Lessons From A Music Supervisor…

Find out one of the most important things your songs need to get licensed to TV & film. So many songwriters overlook this simple thing and miss out on sync opportunities.

Find out how to avoid this pitfall from music supervisor, Liz Lawson. Liz was on the most recent song pitch session for our students in the course, The Art of the Song Pitch. Here is a short snippet from the session so you can hear what she has to say about this problem.

Are You Getting All Your Royalties?

In this interview with Performance Rights Organization representative, Paul Stillo, you'll find out how to make sure you're getting paid for your music.

When you get a song licensed to TV & film, don't leave money on the table. The PROs will do the work for you, but you might have to help them. Check out this video to find out how.

P.S. I'm always interviewing licensing industry experts for our course "The Art Of The Song Pitch". I thought I would post this short clip of the latest one. You can discover how to make sure you're getting paid.

Big News!

We've been a little quiet lately.

A few interesting things have happened in the meantime:

    - We had an awesome extended vacation in British Columbia, Canada

    - We bought a Catalina 42 sailboat and are moving onto it in August

    - The music supervisor pitch sessions have started for our latest class

    - We changed the name of our company...

What?!  New name?

Yup, we always felt "Make Money From Your Music" was a good name to start out with, but knew we'd eventually come up with something better. 

So what did we decide on?

Drumroll please...

"Sync Songwriter"

From now on everything you receive from us will come from "Sync Songwriter". We feel it defines our community a whole lot better, and it doesn't hurt that it's easier to say either. :)

Hope you like it.



PS. We also have a ton of new cool stuff planned to help you get your music into TV & film. Starting next week, you are going to get some real behind-the-scenes tips on how to rock at music licensing.