This Can Make or Break Your Music in Sync

Everything you submit to music licensing opportunities in TV & film has to sound pro. If you record at home and you're not sure if your music will make the cut… you have to check out this video interview!

I wanted to find one of the top home studio experts to give you truly platinum advice. I convinced Graham Cochrane from Recording Revolution to sit down with me and show you how to produce winning tracks in your home studio.

Your recording, production, mixing & mastering abilities can make or break your songs! Graham has taught thousands of songwriters, artists, engineers and producers how to succeed in their home studio.

Don’t waste great songs (and once in a lifetime opportunities) with less than stellar music production.

***BONUS: Graham gave away an awesome bonus for the Sync Songwriter community.

CLICK HERE to check out his webinar: “5 HACKS TO A RADIO READY SONG”.

Radio-ready is also another way of saying Sync-ready, Label-ready, Publishing-ready, etc… Don’t miss this super valuable webinar which gives you 5 simple steps to recording world-class tracks at home!