Big News!

We've been a little quiet lately.

A few interesting things have happened in the meantime:

    - We had an awesome extended vacation in British Columbia, Canada

    - We bought a Catalina 42 sailboat and are moving onto it in August

    - The music supervisor pitch sessions have started for our latest class

    - We changed the name of our company...

What?!  New name?

Yup, we always felt "Make Money From Your Music" was a good name to start out with, but knew we'd eventually come up with something better. 

So what did we decide on?

Drumroll please...

"Sync Songwriter"

From now on everything you receive from us will come from "Sync Songwriter". We feel it defines our community a whole lot better, and it doesn't hurt that it's easier to say either. :)

Hope you like it.



PS. We also have a ton of new cool stuff planned to help you get your music into TV & film. Starting next week, you are going to get some real behind-the-scenes tips on how to rock at music licensing.