Christmas In July?!

When do music supervisors start looking for Christmas songs for the holiday season productions? In the summer! There is a saying we hear a lot in the music supervision world, that it's “Christmas in July”.

Have you ever tried to write a Christmas song in the middle of summer while you are spending time at the beach? It’s hard to get into the spirit when you’ve got your toes in the sand and a Mai Tai in your hand.

The smart thing to do is write your festive song during the Christmas season for the next year. You can really capture that feeling while the ornaments are on the tree, and the presents are wrapped. 

There is so much inspiration this time of year from the collision of spirituality and materialism to the importance of spending time with the ones you love.

There is always a need for new Christmas songs every year and they never get old. So pick up your instrument and challenge yourself to get one in your stocking for this summer’s licensing season!

Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays!