Still Time To License Your Christmas Song

Music supervisors are still looking for last minute Christmas songs to put in their upcoming holiday episodes and TV specials. Be it originals or covers of Christmas classics, holiday songs are always in demand because every year there are new Christmas themed movies, TV episodes, and specials being made. So if you have a Christmas song ready to go, then don't wait to try and squeeze in one last holiday sync. And if you don't have a Christmas song in your repertoire, now might be the time to think of adding one and get it licensed for next year's holiday search.

Last year, I produced an original Christmas song for Malcolm Lally, and he went on to win a national Irish radio song contest with it (and even got heavy rotation)!

Check out the video below to hear what Malcolm had to say about his experience recording with us. To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, our sister site, Sundown Sessions Studio, is offering 20% off any Christmas song you'd like to record.

Don't forget music supervisors also love covers of familiar songs with your own twist on it. There are lots of Christmas songs to choose from if you don't have your own. And if you missed my blog about the benefits of recording a cover song, check it out here.  

PS. If you want to record a cover of a classic Christmas song, CD Baby has a FREE resource guide with a list of Christmas songs that are in the public domain - that means you don’t have to get permission from the song’s publisher to record the song plus they’re royalty free. Check out the helpful guide here.